New York Bill Hewes
212 941 7460

239 Centre Street, 3fl
New York
London Lydia Russell
+44 20 7439 7966

199 Wardour Street, 

Mid West Reps Hillary Herbst
Sonia Blum
West Coast Reps Toni Saarinen
Brandon Pico
East Coast Reps Ann McKallagat
Drew Miller

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th1ng is the founding group company. Specialising in commercial animation in all its forms for all media.
The Live Action company covering: Performance, Comedy, VFX, Table Top and Mixed Media.
Animation from new and classic talent. The emphasis is on Art and Illustrative animation crossing over from the film making genre.
Creative Design and Branding for Broadcast TV or Online.
Digital creative and execution. Featuring new digital platform:
Together we form the th1ng Group.