th1ng, pronounced 'thing one', is an animation, graphics and mixed media production company, creating commercials, title sequences and moving image content across all media.




About us

th1ng was founded in 2003 in Soho , London, and has been at its current six floor home in Wardour street since 2008. In 2009 it opened offices in Dubai followed by New York in 2011.

Over the years the company has expanded to encompass many disciplines in the creative commercial field:
th2ng for live action, Film Club for new and crossover animation talent, Flux for Broadcast Design and Branding and Playth1ng for Digital.

As an integrated Production Company we offer the talents of over 50 exclusive Directors and Designers alongside a team of Producers and in house Post Production.

Our Directors have won many awards for their work including in Advertising and Broadcast : D&AD, BAA, BTA, Promax, Creative Circle, not to mention their 4 Oscar Nominations, 2 BAFTA's, Sundance and Cannes.

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th1ng is the founding group company. Specialising in commercial animation in all its forms for all media.
The Live Action company covering: Performance, Comedy, VFX, Table Top and Mixed Media.
Animation from new and classic talent. The emphasis is on Art and Illustrative animation crossing over from the film making genre.
Creative Design and Branding for Broadcast TV or Online.
Digital creative and execution. Featuring new digital platform:


Our clients